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General Guidelines

  • Arrive 10–15 minutes before class is scheduled to start.
  • If you arrive late,  enter quietly.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the studios
  • Only a light snack prior to class, avoiding coming to class with a full stomach.

Yoga Basics

For beginner students and for those who prefer practice at a moderate pace. Class combines movement, meditation, and breathing to stimulate strength, flexibility, relaxation and self awareness. Instruction, physical assists and demonstrations are provided.

 Gentle Yoga with Massage

Deep stretching, relaxed vinyasa and breath awareness. Gentle adjustments and massage provided to direct student into proper alignment and deeper relaxation. Some restorative poses to take the student one step closer to bliss.

Slow Flow Yoga

Simple movement from pose to pose using breath and awareness. Students will develop strength and flexibility while releasing stress and tension through breath and gentle asana (yoga poses). A great deal of verbal guidance provided,  as well as modeling and physical assistance. Great for new students or those looking for a gentle practice.

Introduction to Yoga

Class is designed for new students or those looking to refine their practice.  Students are guided through basic postures focusing on proper alignment and breathing, thus building a solid foundation for their yoga practice.   Verbal and physical assistance are provided, as well as demonstration.  Yoga philosophy, meditation and relaxation are offered.

Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga

For students who have completed at least one Yoga Basics class comfortably.  Intermediate yoga combines a few advanced postures with the breath and movement of Vinyasa to stimulate strength, flexibility, and self-awareness. A deep savasana follows. Explicit verbal instruction, demonstrations, and physical assists are provided. Classroom is heated to 75°.

 Vinyasa Yoga

For students who have  comfortably completed at least one Yoga Basics class. Students move consistently from pose to pose with alignment, detailed awareness and breathing techniques. Class is athletic and physically challenging. Verbal and hands on guidance provided as needed.   Classroom is heated to 74 degrees.

Deep Stretch Yoga

Practitioners will develop greater flexibility in areas that are commonly tight  from day to day activities such as the hamstrings, calves, hips, and back. Developing greater flexibility will improve performance as well as reduce the risk of injury. Both Yang (movement and strength building) and Yin (deep stretch) postures will be practiced with greater emphasis on lengthening the muscles and connective tissue. Various breathing techniques will be practiced, not only to improve and strengthen lung capacity, but also to maintain calmness and focus during activities.  Not recommended for new students.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

This prenatal and postnatal yoga class incorporates gentle movements, stretching and strengthening postures, breathing techniques and restorative pose designed to remedy common discomforts that accompany pregnancy.  It is the perfect class to prepare for labor and delivery as well as to get you back on your mat after the baby arrives.  No prior yoga experience is required. Bring a yoga mat and water bottle. Yoga mats can be rented for $1.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Meditation

Restorative Reiki unifies two ancient traditions that offer physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  It is a soothing practice that combines gentle restorative postures and Reiki which is administered by the Reiki Master.  The combination encourages the flow of prana, removes energetic blockages, balances the chakras and establishes a feeling of well being.  Class begins with a sourcing meditation, moves slowly through the Reiki sequence and ends in a grounding meditation.  Practitioners will leave refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Yoga for Backs

This is a very gentle class designed to stretch and  strengthen areas that affect the back.

Practitioners will increase overall flexibility in all areas of the back, shoulders and arms, as well as in the hips and legs. Various breathing techniques are taught to promote relaxation and better lung function. Aroma therapy, massage and restorative postures are offered.   No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Yoga & Meditation

In this class we will integrate a variety of classical disciplines to form one complete practice. Yoga addresses not only the physical body, but all facets of our being. Here we will explore some examples of such methods. Class includes call and response mantra recitation, an introduction to yoga breathing practices, a slow and gentle physical practice, seated meditation, and deep relaxation accompanied by traditional meditation music.

 Hot Vinyasa Yoga

For students who have completed at least one Yoga Basics class. Students move consistently from pose to pose with alignment, detailed awareness and breathing techniques. Class is athletic and physically challenging. Verbal and hands on guidance provided, Classroom is heated up to 85°.

Meditation and Breathing

45 minute class designed to help cultivate the breath and assist in developing a Meditation practice. Learning to cultivate the breath can help reduce anxiety, lower the heart rate and promote a calmer self, all while deepening our practice. Meditation is known to boost memory, lessen depression and regenerate the mind. Strengthen the mind and body..

Yoga Play

A class geared towards kids ages 3 to 6. Children will learn breathing techniques and have an opportunity to practice mindfulness and body awareness through the use of yoga poses, stories, and play. This is a fun and engaging way to introduce your child to the many benefits of yoga. (An adult class is available at the same time!)


Private Classes are available. Please contact Joanie.

• Learn basic poses and breathing techniques at your own pace.

• Fine tune your technique.

• Plan a daily routine.