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HMYOGA_LOGO_ColorWelcome to Half Moon Yoga. Established back in 2008, we have the distinction of being
Medina’s longest-running home grown studio. We are proud of our highly experienced and
extraordinarily diverse Team of instructors, committed to leading safe, interesting and well-balanced classes.

Our offerings range from Introduction to Yoga to Hot, Sweaty Vinyasa Yoga with lots in between. We have classes for those just starting their journey, as well as for more experienced practitioners.

We also offer Thai Massage, Reiki, Astrological Readings and a highly comprehensive 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program.


Understanding Your Karma Through Yoga & Astrolgy

Join Lisa Turner, certified Natal Study Astrologer, for this unique workshop as we tie the practice of yoga and astrology together. During this time, we will use our asana practice to explore both the body and mind’s perception of limitation. Later, we will dive into your individual natal chart to better understand your personal Saturn and its impact on your cosmic blueprint. You will leave the workshop with the knowledge of how this cycle will affect you personally. You will also receive a copy of your natal chart with the planetary transits. Note taking is strongly encouraged as important dates will be mentioned during your reading. Preregistration is required, spaces are limited, and prior to the workshop, you must email your birthdate, time, and location to sage.at.stonehaven@gmail.com .

The Lord of Karma has returned Home to the sign of Capricorn.To understand our karmic duty, we must first understand Saturn. Through natal placement, we are shown where we encounter a sense of duty, commitment, and responsibility. Our fears and lessons of limitation are wrapped up in the ringed planet of Saturn. Our universe is not stationary; the heavens above are always moving, and on December 20, 2017, The Lord of Karma returned home to the sign of Capricorn for the next 2-1/2 years. This Saturn cycle is not only observed from the heavens, but also in our personal lives.

Lisa Turner is a practicing astrologer certified in Natal Study Astrology. She continues to study with teachers and mentors around the world as she follows her passion for the science of astrology. Currently, she is seeing clients out of Half Moon Yoga whereas a certified yoga teacher her classes are integrated with the current astrological transits.

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Gift Certificated are available online or you can purchase in the studio.

The studio is open 30 minutes before and after classes.

If you wish to purchase in person when the studio is closed,

PLEASE CALL-330 242-0219

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Teacher Training 2018




Preliminary Information

Dates: September 9th 2018-March 10, 2019

Fee: $3000.00 before August 1, 2018, $3200.00 thereafter

Enrollment Fee $250.00


You will be a great yoga teacher

15% off all yoga passes once enrolled

Unlimited yoga included during program

Contact Joanie to enroll or for more information!



Meditation and Breathing- Sundays 5:45-6:30 pm

Join Joanie on Sunday evenings for a meditation and breathing practice.

Class will include a short physical practice to prepare the body for a successful

meditation as well as a variety of breathing techniques sure to

improve consciousness, clarity and focus.

Practitioner will leave feeling rested, relaxed and centered.

Arrive in comfortable clothing, having had a light meal or snack.

Yoga for Backs -Thursdays at 5:00 pm

This class is designed to build core strength as well as back strength and flexibility. Joanie  leads  practitioners through a series of simple postures designed to alleviate back discomfort and  improve posture. Breathing techniques are offered to help reduce stress and anxiety that often times contribute to back discomfort. No prior yoga experience is necessary.