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HMYOGA_LOGO_ColorWelcome to Half Moon Yoga. We are located just off the square in downtown Medina, Ohio. Whether you are interested in learning some basic yoga, getting a great workout, or developing a meditative practice, Half Moon Yoga has something for you. We also offer a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training Course right here in Medina!



Myofascial Release Workshop Series

Half Moon Yoga is honored to present a series of Myofascial Release workshops led by Barbara Rabin MSPT ATC PYTc. Barbara is a Holistic Physical Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, and a long time runner. To learn more about Barbara, visit her website brabinhpt.com

“Fascia is the tough connective tissue surrounding every cell of the body from head to toe like a three-dimensional spider web. Injury, trauma, poor posture or impaired biomechanics may cause the fascial system to tighten, putting abnormal pressure on nerves, muscles, blood vessels, bones, organs and the brain. This can result in a variety of symptoms including pain, restriction of motion, and structural misalignment, impairing both daily functioning and athletic performance. Myofascial Stretching is a unique self-treatment technique which follows the principles of Myofascial Release. It results in permanent lengthening of the body’s connective tissue and can dramatically improve health and quality of life.”

The course will offer a short lecture on the John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release followed by instruction and demonstration of various self-treatment release techniques. Come to learn how to self-treat your amazing body so you can keep running and cavorting as you so desire!

The Myofascial Release workshops will be held on Sundays from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Workshop #1: Foot & lower leg – Dec 13, 2015

Workshop #2: Knee to low back – Jan 31, 2016

Workshop #3: Back & shoulders to hands – Mar 6, 2016

Workshop #4: Neck & head – Apr 24, 2016

WHAT TO BRING: Your yoga mat, a small soft ball, a tennis ball, and a foam roller if you are able. The recommended soft 36” roller, 65 cm physio ball as well as the book that will be referenced during all of the workshops – Myofascial Stretching: A Guide to Self-Treatment by Jill Stedronsky Morton & Brenda Pardy can be purchased at the studio.

FEES: $35 each or all 4 for $125

Sign-up online or in the studio


Yoga for Backs -Thursdays at 5:00 pm

This class is designed to build core strength as well as back strength and flexibility. Joanie  leads  practitioners through a series of simple postures designed to alleviate back discomfort and  improve posture. Breathing techniques are offered to help reduce stress and anxiety that often times contribute to back discomfort. No prior yoga experience is necessary.