What is Reiki?:

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing and well-being through Life Force energy. Rei translates to “universal spiritual wisdom.” Ki translates to” life energy.”

What are the benefits?:

    Reiki balances and aligns our chakras and chi to the frequency they are meant to be vibrating at. We know our chi energy is low and that we may have blocked or imbalanced chakras when our energy is low, feeling fatigue, low immune system, lack of creativity, inspiration, etc. 

Reiki is the use of Life Force energy that exists within and all around us. The Reiki Practitioner is able to access this energy and direct it to the participant using the laying of hands on different parts of the body to realign the chakras and allow the flow of energy within you to move more freely.

During the session, the participant will experience feelings of deep rest and inner stillness. They may also experience visions, feelings, and emotions that are here to help in guiding them through their life journey. Once the session is over, the receiver will take this balanced energy with them. They will more than likely continue to feel inner peace, sleep better, and receive insight that is in support of their life journey.

What does a session look like? :

The participant lies on a massage table fully clothed (wear comfortable clothes) while the practitioner lays their hand on various areas of the body, helping to promote the flow of energy.  The practitioner  will tap into her intuition for guidance then she will incorporate tuning forks, crystals and aroma therapy to enhance the healing experience.

How can I set up an Appointment? 

Sessions are available at the studio by appointment.

Contact Lauren at 330.906.2623 or


60 minute session with breathwork and sound healing- $60

90 minute session with breathwork sound healing-$90