Private, Corporate, and On Demand Yoga

Private Yoga: Yoga and meditation sessions are uniquely catered to you to meet you exactly where you are in this moment. We can place our focus anywhere from form, posture and alignment, to presence, peace and grounding. This is a wonderful way to deepen your practice on and off your mat

Benefits of Private Yoga:

• Learn basic poses and breathing techniques at your own pace.

• Fine tune your technique.

• Plan a daily routine.

.Develop a deeper practice on and off your mat

.Classes that are designed just for you

Sessions: 60 minutes for $60 or 4 for 220

Call or text 330-906-2623 or email to schedule

Corporate Yoga: Customized Classes for small or large groups available in. studio or on site. Please Contact Lauren 330-906-2623 or email to discuss details

Benefits of Corporate Yoga:

Employees that are happy and full of energy, and as a result, more productive

Decline in stress-related sick occurrences

Improved concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task

Improves employee alertness and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations

Relief of head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion

Better relations between employees and those they serve

Enhanced employee attitude and outlook

General well-being in the workplace which reduces employee turnover

On Demand Yoga:


The invitation to come home to yourself.

To meet yourself on your mat exactly as you are.

To find inner stillness and hear the whispers of your soul.

Whether In studio or at home, we are here to support you in creating home within.

We offer several yoga videos a week on our YouTube Channel. These yoga videos are offered in various lengths and styles of yoga and are usually accompanied with meditation, journaling, breathwork, EFT tapping, sound healing and reiki.

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We will meet you on your mat!