Energy Sessions With Lauren

We live in these sacred bodies- a vessel that is home to our Spirit- yet so many of us often feel unsafe and/or uncomfortable within. Trauma, anxious thoughts, deep sadness, judgements towards the body, etc, are just a few reasons why we numb out and live from the neck up. Yet we are never completely fulfilled and these memories/behaviors/beliefs continue to manifest in our lives in countless ways… because our bodies never forget.

Our bodies are safe and sacred spaces and you have the ability to be your own healer and advocate but it all starts with the gentle journey inward. 

I focus on the five Koshas for individualized work with clients. This allows me to work with the client in a very Hollistic setting and helps me to broaden my view of the client for the ultimate benefits of our time together to be received.

The five Koshas or layers are barriers to accessing the true self. The physical body (Annamaya Kosha), the energy body (Pranamaya kosha), the mental body (Manamaya Kosha), the wisdom body (Vijnanamaya Kosha), and the bliss body (Anandamaya Kosha).

Each kosha incorporates unique barriers.  There are signs of imbalance within a kosha, as well as many ways to help bring an individual back to balance like breathwork, meditation, reiki, nervous system healing, sound healing, and yoga. Meaning each session will be uniquely tailored to meet you exactly where you are in an extremely mindful, compassionated and embodied journey.

So what does a session look like? We start with a mindful discussion of what your life is currently asking of you, what you are moving through and what you may be growing through. From this discussion, we then move to our integration period using breathwork, yoga, reiki, sound healing, nervous system healing, etc. (any protocol we choose will be something you are completely comfortable with)

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Sessions: 75-90 minutes for $100

4 for $360

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