Intention Setting for the Spring Equinox

Spring is the perfect time to plant our seeds into the rich soil of Mother Earth. As we plant we trust with proper nourishment like sunlight and water these seeds will take root and begin to grow into their fullest manifestations. Being a part of nature we can also create the same environment for our desires to grow by nourishing ourselves as well. For human beings the nourishment is taking care of our bodies, trust and patience. Join Kaley and Lauren for an evening of intention setting and soul nourishment.

You will enjoy a cacao ceremony for intention setting, yin yoga to find surender, patience and trust and a Sound Bath to raise our frequencies.

Please bring restorative items such as a bolster, blanket or pillow that you may enjoy during the sound bath as well as your mat.

Please wear a mask to and from your mat and be sure to pre-register online as space is limited to 10 participants.

Investment is $40.00

Go to Yoga Workshops to enroll