Studio Updates and Covid-19 Precautions…….continued

Half Moon Yoga  successfully reopened its doors on May 26th. With 3 months of good results we are optimistic about successfully moving into the Fall and Winter months.   Thank you for respecting each other and following our Covid-19 guidelines.

As of now there will be no changes.

Please continue to:

Sign-up online, if you have any problems contact the studio 330.242.0219

Wear your mask to and from your mat

Bring your own props

Maintain 6 feet Social Distancing while socializing with your pals

Student closest to the door exit the studio first, then next closest etc…

Half Moon Yoga will continue to: 

Limit class size to 11 and 5

Provide marked spaces for students to maintain 6 feet of distance during practice

Refrain from physical assists and use of props

Keep entrance doors open

Sanitize floors and surfaces regularly

Great seeing you in the studio and at Outdoor Yoga!