Reiki Certification


What is Reiki? Reiki is a century-old Japanese healing technique based on the principle of channeling energy. Reiki practitioners transfer energy from the universe into the patient to activate the body’s natural healing process. Physical and emotional healing through the use of touch has existed as long as humans. Learn how to utilize symbols and attunements to enhance this healing art.

Reiki Level I certification is an initiation to Reiki and is open to all. Students will learn the history of Reiki and Reiki principles.  After receiving a gentle introduction and attunement to the energy, students will be able to channel reiki energy to give healing to themselves and others.

Reiki Level II is the practitioner level and brings enhanced healing power through the introduction of and attunement to the symbols. Students will receive a deeper understanding of Reiki healing energy and will learn specific techniques to channel Reiki across distances.

Reiki Master Level – Becoming a Reiki Master is a path for those with the guidance to live their lives through the ideals of the Reiki laws and with deep desires to grow. Reiki III certification will be an 8-hour class going deeper into our healing energy, symbols, techniques, and knowledge that will add tremendous value to your healing abilities.  You will also receive the master attunement and the use of the master symbol. Treating others and treating yourself will be noticeably improved and you will be able to formally teach and attune others if you choose to follow that path.  One of the greatest joys of becoming a Reiki Master is that it increases your personal vibration which in turn adds to the vibration of the entire planet. Feelings of compassion and love for all will be strengthened as you merge with Reiki Consciousness. (For Master Level: Students must already be attuned to  Reiki I and II. We will also be creating a healing circle. If you have something that you would like to place in the circle to be cleansed with unconditional love, please do so. This can be crystals, tarot/oracle cards, sentimental jewelry, pictures, etc.)


Bring a lunch, water, notepad and wear comfy clothes. Registration is available at MindBody.