Yoga & Astrology; A Celestial Dance of Wellness & Transformation

Interested in tying in the art of astrology into your yoga practice? Join this workshop lead by Astrologer & Yoga Teacher, Lisa Turner. Lisa designed this class with Yoga
Teachers in mind! She will share how to accurately interpret planetary transits and aspects into your individual practice and teachings. With this knowledge, you can facilitate a greater sense of depth and meaning into your classes; which will invite your students to dive deeper into themselves on their journey of self-discovery. This class is great for both students and teachers!

You will learn:

  • Transit chart and the transit to natal chart for October 19th
  • Which sutra(s) and/or mythology is reflected in the chart?
  • Incorporating Astrology into your teaching/practice
  • Accurately interpret planetary transits
  • And so much more….

Cost: $35 per session (both are recommended)

Dates: November 18th

Time: 2 – 4 PM

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